Following the release of his latest album, 'Manipulator,' Ty Segall has announced a brand new singles album dubbed '$INGLE$ 2' which will be released on Nov. 18 via Drag City.  The compilation will consist of covers, B-sides and lost tracks from his 2011-2013 songwriting endeavors, which have only matured with time.

'$INGLE$ 1' was a similar type of previously recorded, but unreleased, collection, but was only released via cassette back in 2010. This one is due out on all formats, including vinyl and digitally via iTunes. The new compilation features covers of GG Allin, the Velvet Underground and the Groundhogs.

The singer is currently on a European and Australian tour before wrapping it up in San Francisco on Jan. 30. You can check out all of his tour dates here.

'$INGLE$ 2' Track List
01. 'Spiders'
02. 'Hand Glams'
03. 'Cherry Red'
04. 'Falling Hair'
05. 'Children Of Paul'
06. 'It's A Problem'
07. 'Mother Lemonade'
08. 'For Those Who Weep'
09. 'F**ked Up Motherf**ker'
10. 'Femme Fatale'
11. 'Music For A Film'
12. 'Pettin The Dog'

Watch Ty Segall's Video For 'The Singer'