Action Bronson is not your typical rapper. He's big, he's bearded and he looks like a country music buff. He's also a talented chef, at a surprise to many. In the new music video for his infectious single, "Actin Crazy," the rapper takes the concept of a green screen to a whole new level. Check it out below.

In the video, Bronson blasts off into space, rides a motorcycle and dunks a basketball over Godzilla -- all in between being primped by his makeup crew. It's pretty legit.

The single appears on his forthcoming album, Mr. Wonderful, which is due out on March 24 via Vice/Atlantic. It will serve as his follow-up to 2012's Alchemist-produced album Rare Chandeliers and 2013 mixtape Blue Chips 2.

Action Bronson -- "Actin Crazy" (Official Music Video)

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