St. Vincent's Annie Clark appears in a new short film for Nowness, and it captures the singer traveling to her hometown of Dallas, Texas. Watch it in the video above.

Directed by Alan Del Rio Ortiz, the clip compiles footage of Clark returning home, singing “The Star-Spangled Banner” at a local baseball game and performing in concert. Clark narrates over the short, discussing growing up in Texas and her passion for making music.

“I’ve had a lot of kinetic energy in my brain for lots of years, and most of the time, that energy manifested itself as fear, and then I just sought refuge in music and tried to turn that energy into something that seemed more worth while,” Clark says. “I just have a compulsion, I have a drive, I have something that compels me forward to keep making music and doing the thing that makes me, ultimately, the happiest.”

The good news? By the film’s end, Clark concludes, “I am my life’s work. I’ll never quit doing this.”

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