With his brand-new solo LP, Policy, dropping back in March via Merge Records, Arcade Fire multi-instrumentalist Will Butler visited the set of Late Night With Seth Meyers to perform two of the album's tracks, "Witness" and "Anna." You can watch his performance of "Witness" via the clip above.

Butler -- who is not only known for his musical expressions, but also his political and social leanings -- recently created a series of daily songs for a full week based off of news stories in The Guardian that particularly struck a nerve in him.

He also recently spoke to NME regarding his solo LP, stating, "There's a little more dumb humor than you find in Arcade Fire. To me, it's a bit like the world of Moby Dick -- you think of it as a serious work of American literature, but it starts off with this slapstick sequence and jokes and whale penises."

In other Arcade Fire news, frontman Win Butler and his wife and bandmate Regine Chassagne are opening a Hatian-themed restaurant in Montreal in the near future. Chassagne has Hatian roots herself, and the band's 2013 album Reflektor was influenced by the music of the culture.