A lot of us would like to own a nice car like a BMW but can only afford a Honda Civic, Ford Fiesta or some other vehicle in a similar price range. However, we have to admit that the commercial for BMW's new 6 Series Gran Coupé looks pretty sweet, and it features techno veteran Moby covering a Joy Division song.

This is one of the most dramatic ads we've seen for a car in a while. The clip starts off with a total solar eclipse starting to begin while the Gran Coupé races through the streets. People around the world are witnessing the eclipse with looks of uncertainty on their faces. However, the latest BMW is defiant throughout the entire commercial and won't stop for a second. Watch the new ad below.

The soundtrack to all this is Moby's version of 'New Dawn Fades.' The song was originally done by Joy Division in 1979 and is from their classic album 'Unknown Pleasures.' Moby worked with New Order -- the new incarnation of Joy Division after lead singer Ian Curtis' suicide in 1980 -- on his take of the song and made the punk number much more dramatic.

The song is also featured in the 1995 film 'Heat,' when stars Al Pacino and Robert DeNiro's characters finally meet face-to-face for the very first time. Moby included it on his compilation disc 'I Like to Score' that was released in 1997.

Watch BMW 6 Series Gran Coupé Commercial Featuring Moby's 'New Dawn Fades'