Moby fans are getting a new album — and it's just a few weeks away.

The veteran artist has announced These Systems Are Failing, the debut offering from his new project Moby and the Void Pacific Choir, with a release date of Oct. 14 on CD and digital. The album, currently available for pre-order on those formats, is set to be followed by a vinyl version on Nov. 18.

Moby's album announcement is coupled with the release of a single, "Are You Lost Like Me?," which you can check out via the above video embed.

"The music on the record is — the only way I can describe it, it's like new wave dance music," Moby told Al Jazeera last year. "It's sort of New Order inspired, a little Depeche Mode inspired. But quite electronic, very song-oriented. I have no idea if it's good."

These Systems Are Failing follows the release of Moby's memoir, Porcelain, which saw publication in May. The title, drawn from a track on his mainstream breakthrough record Play, was chosen for a number of different reasons.

"Porcelain is fragile and white, and I am fragile and white," Moby told NPR. "And also, halfway through the book, I go from being a sober Christian to being a very un-sober, non-Christian. And when I relapsed, to be graphic, I did a lot of throwing up into porcelain things."

Check out the complete These Systems Are Failing track listing below, as well as an album trailer released alongside the "Are You Lost Like Me?" video.

Moby, These Systems Are Failing

1. "Hey Hey"
2. "Break.Doubt"
3. "I Wait for You"
4. "Don’t Leave Me"
5. "Erupt + Matter"
6. "Are You Lost in the World Like Me?"
7. "A Simple Love"
8. "The Light Is Clear in My Eyes"
9. "And It Hurts"

Watch the Trailer for 'These Systems Are Failing'

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