A week after a woman was arrested for stealing a package from his house, Moby has taken further action. He has gotten a restraining order, which prevents her from coming within 100 yards of his home, work and car.

According to TMZ, the move was precipitated by a series of actions by Kelly Lord, which includes a threat to “f—ing destroy” a car that belonged to someone who is currently staying in Moby’s house in the Hollywood Hills. This occurred during a confrontation that started when Lord said she found a condom in Moby’s yard and questioned whether he was responsible. Later that say, she was discovered hiding in Moby’s bushes, at which point she claimed that she was killing spiders.

A couple of days before Christmas, TMZ reported that police were called to Moby’s house when Lord spotted on his property. Upon arrival, they found her holding a package that belonged to Moby and arrested her for petty theft. Moby was not home at the time. She had been spotted at his house several times in the past with the intention of meeting the musician, but this was the first time the police have gotten involved. Law enforcement officials are calling her an obsessed fan.

Back in October, Moby released his 13th record, These Systems Are Failing, which contained the single “Are You Lost in the World Like Me?” The project was co-credited to a backing group he called the Void Pacific Choir. “It’s like new wave dance music,” he said of it. “It’s sort of New Order inspired, a little Depeche Mode inspired. But quite electronic, very song-oriented. I have no idea if it’s good.”

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