Since late last month, Moby has been teasing his work with his new project, the Void Pacific Choir, in enigmatic fashion. Previously, he shared “The Light Is Clear in My Eyes” without much in the way of additional information. Now, he’s followed suit with “Almost Loved.” Take a listen above.

The video for the throbbing dance tune mirrors “The Light Is Clear in My Eyes,” featuring grainy footage of Moby that cuts in and out alongside rapid-fire imagery of people wearing animal masks. The song was accompanied by this statement from the band:

Normally when people refer to a void, it’s a big, dark, scary thing. The dark, malicious, Nietzschean void, where if you stare too long into the it, it stares back into you. But we like the paradox of a pacific, peaceful void -- a benign emptiness.

A little opaque, sure, but it’s more than what arrived with “The Light Is Clear in My Eyes.” That song was simply accompanied by a D.H. Lawrence quote: “California is a queer place -- in a way, it has turned its back on the world, and looks into the void Pacific.”

In addition to the two new Void Pacific Choir songs, Moby’s new outfit also contributed to “Moonlit Sky,” a song with German producer Robin Schulz. That appears as the penultimate track on Schulz’s latest album, Sugar.

Considering Moby has been sharing his Void Pacific Choir work in dribs and drabs, it’s unclear when we’ll learn more, but it certainly appears to be ramping up to an album announcement. Moby last released Innocents in 2013.

Moby and the Void Pacific Choir, "The Light Is Clear in My Eyes"

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