Carl Barat of the Libertines played back-to-back shows in London on New Year's Eve with his other band, the Jackals.

Barat's evening kicked off at the Amersham Arms -- the same venue where he auditioned potential members of the Jackals last February. However, the night concluded in Hoxton. The band played the same set in both clubs and made sure to include 'Death On The Stairs' and 'I Get Along' from The Libertines' debut 'Up The Bracket.' Barat also played an unplugged version of 'France' -- a hidden track on the Libertines' self-titled sophomore effort.

"The Jackals have come so far in what seems like a heartbeat," Barat told NME. "Tonight we played in the venue where we first met and the gigs were proof it's all been worthwhile. We can't wait to get out there and do it again and again."

Last night's gigs were just a precursor for the band's upcoming album, 'Let It Reign,' which drops Feb. 16.

Check out the set list from the shows:
'Victory Gin'
'A Storm Is Coming'
'Gin And Milk'
'Summer In The Trenches'
'We Want More'
'Death On The Stairs'
'March Of The Idle'
'Run With The Boys'
'Glory Days'
'Let It Reign'
'Bang Bang You're Dead'
'War Of The Roses'
'The Gears'
'I Get Along'

Carl Barat and the Jackals -- 'Glory Days' (Official Music Video)