With a couple of successful reunion gigs securely behind them, the Libertines are all set to take it to the next stage. Co-frontman Carl Barat told NME that the band will release a new album in 2015.

He said that a new record -- which will be the Libertines' first album in 10 years and their third altogether -- has always been part of the plan with the recent reunion. "I don't wanna just go on the road, because then you'll get cabin fever and have an epic fallout," he said. "I want to keep something fresh coming in. We just need to find the time."

Following the release of their 2002 debut, 'Up the Bracket,' and its self-titled 2004 follow-up, the Libertines ran through a long period of well-documented bumpy incidents. Most notably, the band's other frontman -- Pete Doherty -- was all set to become the male version of Amy Winehouse: a British rock casualty fueled by too much fame too soon and the many addictions that go with the lifestyle.

But Doherty seems to have cleaned up, and after a pair of reunion shows -- in Glasgow a couple weeks ago and in London's Hyde Park last weekend -- the Libertines appear ready to pick up where they derailed a decade ago.

Doherty told NME that he hopes writing sessions for the new album will convene in Germany later this year. "For some reason in my head, I'm thinking October, November time," he said. "That's what will have to happen. Basically, it'll have to be like Paris [where 'The Libertines' was written], but in Hamburg, and for a bit longer. I'm well up for it."

Until then, the band will play a few more reunion shows to work out any kinks. And hopefully prove that they can keep their s--- together long enough this time to fulfill all the promises their debut album made a dozen years ago.