Damon Albarn just recently showed up to celebrate his the Good, the Bad & the Queen bandmate and the Clash bassist Paul Simonon’s 60th birthday, and now, it sounds like the two artists are gearing up for the supergroup's long-awaited sophomore album.

During an interview discussing his Alice in Wonderland-inspired musical wonder.land., the Blur leader told U.K.’s the Sun his next project could either be the new Gorillaz album he’s currently working on with Jamie Hewlett or a Good, the Bad & the Queen record. “I’ve also got a Good, the Bad and the Queen record,” he said. “It will either be Gorillaz or that and then I might just be allowed to go back into my own solo world or another musical.”

The Good, the Bad & the Queen -- comprised of Albarn, Simonon, the Verve’s Simon Tong and drummer Tony Allen -- dropped their Danger Mouse-produced eponymous debut in 2007. They haven’t performed together since 2011.

Albarn also said his work on the wonder.land. musical may seep into his new Gorillaz material. “This really, really excites me to make more of a narrative for the next Gorillaz album,” he said. “Give it a real story form beginning to end and give each character a real voice and a singing voice as well.”

Over the summer, Albarn said Gorillaz had plans to start the recording process in September. Then Hewlett told fans they should expect the follow-up to 2011's The Fall in 2016. Earlier this year, Albarn made another comeback with The Magic Whip, the first Blur album in more than a decade.

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