Dan Auerbach's newest project, the Arcs, announced today (June 9) that their debut album, Yours, Dreamily, will be released on Sept. 4 via Nonesuch. The album is currently available for preorder on iTunes and the band's website, and it includes an instant download of new track "Stay in My Corner."

The band — which consists of Dan Auerbach, Leon Michels, Richard Swift, Homer Steinweiss, Nick Movshon, Kenny Vaughan and Mariachi Flor de Toloache — also debuted the breezy and psychedelic song this morning, so give it a listen below, via NPR:

Auerbach said of the album, "This project was about making music with some of my longest relationships in music. Leon [Michels], Richard [Swift] and I have not only worked in the Black Keys together, but we have produced together, played on various projects of each other's, and we've collaborated longer than a lot of bands stay together. It just kind of came naturally."

It's currently unclear if the Arcs plan on touring, but the Black Keys are on the road and they just played a killer set at Mountain Jam this weekend, of which you can find our exclusive coverage here.

Yours, Dreamily Tracklist
1. "Once We Begin (Intro)"
2. "Outta My Mind"
3. "Put a Flower in Your Pocket"
4. "Pistol Made of Bones"
5. "Everything You Do (You Do for You)"
6. "Stay in My Corner"
7. "Cold Companion"
8. "The Arc"
9. "Nature’s Child"
10. "Velvet Ditch"
11. "Chains of Love"
12. "Come & Go"
13. "Rosie (Ooh La La)"
14. "Searching the Blue"

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