After an interesting preview that saw two J. Tillmans singing “Silent Night” in a bathtub, Father John Misty has shared the music video for “The Night Josh Tillman Came to Our Apartment.”

The I Love You, Honeybear single is perhaps one the most cutting tracks from Tillman’s sophomore effort under the Father John Misty moniker. The singer tears into a woman for her every perceived fault (her misuse of the word “literally” and general self-obsession, for example) but takes her home anyway. In the Drew Pearce-directed video, however, Tillman is the subject of his own criticisms, as he woos himself at a bar and splits the morning after. Check it out up above.

In what appears to be part of his continued sarcasm tour, Tillman offered this statement on the music video:

This video is partially inspired by the LeBron James quote, ‘It is precisely the superficial differences between people who are otherwise alike that inform the hostilities between them.’ Special thanks to my body double Tyler, who I had to kiss no fewer than two dozen times and whose breath I can still smell in my mind’s eye.

“It has been an honor to explore the palpable sexual chemistry that exists between Josh Tillman and himself,” Pearce added. “I hope this video does their enduring love affair justice.”

I Love You, Honeybear arrived earlier this year via Sub Pop, serving as a follow-up to 2012’s Fear Fun. Back in July, Tillman revealed he’s already written his third FJM album.

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