Hopefully you've been enjoying Diffuser.fm's daily free MP3 downloads, one of the newest daily features added to our site. With so many great indie and alternative bands out there eager to pair your ears with their latest tunes, we've been tracking down as much great new free music as we can for our readers.

And now, we bring you all seven of the free MP3 downloads we've posted in the last week, so you can get them all in one zip file. Read a little about each song below, and then at the bottom of the page click the download button to get the zip file with all seven tracks at once.

Chase King, 'Misty': Florida-to-Brooklyn transplant Chase King's folk-tinged Americana touches on some great contemporary songwriters -- Jeff Tweedy, David Berman, his older brother Chad King -- while totally maintaining a sound distinctly his own. 'Misty' is off his second solo set, 'South Tropical Trail,' which dropped recently on Wonderland Archives.

Skies Alive, 'The Black List': Minnesota-based post-hardcore act Skies Alive turn in an epic number from their recent 'Til I Die' EP that ventures into ambient realms -- some new ground for the band. “It’s by far the most morose and thoughtful track on the EP," says singer Andrew Poitras. "It felt good to branch out and show our darker side.”

Galaxy Queens, 'Wake Up Sleepers': “‘Wake Up Sleepers’ is a number that hits you with a wall of rock. It’s three minutes of driving guitar riffs and catchy vocals," bassist Greg Burmeister says of this new one from Galaxy Queens, and he's pretty dead on with his assessment. Recommended if you like Built to Spill or the White Stripes.

Matthew E. White, 'One of These Days': The man with the big beard and big hair first gave the world a song called 'Big Love' from his debut album, 'Big Inner,' and now we have 'One of These Days,' which is a bit more restrained with lots of beautiful brass but definitely something to build on.

Anna Rose, 'Behold a Pale Horse': Anna Rose says she started penning the title track from her new album right after issuing her first album, 'Nomad. "Though I didn’t know it at the time, writing this song brought forth the concept for my whole next album, so what better song for you to hear first!" she points out. Can't argue with that.

Ethan Daniel Davidson, 'Ain't the Man I Used to Be': This track is off the first new album in seven years from folk singer Ethan Daniel Davidson, who spent six of those years driving all across these United States and, we assume, the seventh writing songs about his journey. Considering the wisdom gleaned from such extensive travels, the title makes total sense.

Snowblink, 'Black and White Mountains': Called an "an absolute must-hear in the new music landscape" by us already, the only things we'd add is now! and before your next blink! and what's taking so long?! When a song is described as "unfurl[ing] with the ethereal, delicate scroll of volcano smoke," you know you need to click the download button. Right away.

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