Grimes (otherwise known as Claire Boucher) has never hidden her love for 'Game of Thrones,' and it looks like it's provided at least a little inspiration for the 'Go' video -- directed by Boucher herself.

The song -- which also features artist/producer Blood Diamonds -- serves as the lead single from her upcoming follow-up to 2012's 'Visions.' Grimes originally wrote the song for Rihanna, who reportedly rejected it.

Alternately set in a remote desert with Grimes alongside Blood Diamonds (playing a sword-wielding warrior) and a strobe-lit modern dance club, the flashy video (above) shows Grimes as a Khaleesi-like figure.

Apparently, making the video allegedly took its toll on the singer. "I’ve been stoned for a week strait cuz I need to be stoned to edit videos,” she said on Twitter. “I’ve literally got a callous on my butt from sitting down editing 20 hrs. a day for a week strait. Haha, I hope it’s not permanent.”

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