Who's that bald guy with the glasses? He has to be famous, right? You know the one. Is it Moby? Or is it Michael Stipe of R.E.M.? It could also be popular actors Bruce Willis, Michael Chiklis, John Malkovich or even British celebrity chef Heston Blumenthal.

If you've ever found yourself living out this scenario (and who hasn't?), fear not. A new video has been created to help you figure out who is who. Set against a black background and a techno beat, 'How to Identify Moby' throws faces of all six men while a voice tells you which celebrity you're seeing.

The video is the work of British comedian Adam Buxton. With Joe Cornish, they gained fame in the late '90s with the sketch comedy show 'The Adam and Joe Show.' The duo continue to work together but also have solo careers, with Buxton acting and Cornish directing.

You can see Buxton's other videos on his YouTube channel.

Watch 'How to Identify Moby'