It's no secret that every band has its ups and downs. The Strokes' lead singer, Julian Casablancas, knows this to be too true at times. As he recently attested to, close quarters and condensed time can fray nerves.

"A band is a great way to destroy a friendship, and a tour's a great way to destroy a band," Casablancas states in a recent interview with GQ magazine. Recalling the band's first major tour following their 2001 debut, Casablancas says they did "360 shows in a row and collectively saw a ghost."

Touring isn't the only thing he touches on in the interview. Casablancas recently moved away from his home in New York City. "I walk around New York now and get upset," he says.

Perhaps time away from the Strokes will do some good as the frontman is preparing to release the debut album from his new band, the Voidz, called 'Tyranny.' A band with a sound unlike the Strokes, he and the Voidz move things in a much louder and chaotic direction.

Despite all this going on, the Stokes are not over yet. Earlier this week, Casablancas made mention that a new Strokes album could get underway early next year.

Maybe his slightly disjointed state of mind these days is best summed up by the lyric in the track 'Human Sadness' from the 'Tyranny' album. “To be is not to be, to be is not the way to be.”