In preparation for their big comeback show at London's Hyde Park next week, the Libertines played an extra-long set at Glasgow Barrowlands Saturday night. They played 24 songs, and everyone in the band seemed to be in good spirits, reports NME.

The band kicked off the gig with 'Horror Show,' their old show opener. They blew through their 24-song set after that, stopping occasionally to take a little break onstage. Pete Doherty at one point led the audience in a singalong of a song by his other group, Babyshambles, but apparently this didn't bother the rest of the band enough to cause problem. They kept on chugging through the rest of the set without complaint.

The Libertines' reunion and upcoming show at Hyde Park have been met with enthusiasm from everyone, including fellow rock stars like the Smiths' Johnny Marr and Arctic Monkeys frontman Alex Turner.

Doherty even thinks the band's destined to return to the studio to record a brand new album. We'll see how things go after the Hyde Park show and the subsequent tour.

Here's some poorly shot fan footage from yesterday's show: