Pete Doherty has been quite enthusiastic about a Libertines reunion ever since the band decided to get back together to play at Hyde Park. One show led to some other shows, and now the band's decided to go on a -- albeit short -- tour across Europe. Doherty has even said he hopes to record a new Libertines album.

“A new record is exactly what we’re talking about, that’s the dream, really," Doherty told the Daily Record. “Finish off all those ideas that we never completed back in the day, all those songs we never played for anyone else that have been floating around in the ether. We’re also wanting to try out a few new ideas so it wouldn’t just be old stuff. I don’t want to tempt fate but we both have the desire, so I think it will happen."

The original plan was to reunite to play one show, mainly, Doherty said, because he was flat broke. But since then, it seems that he and bandmate Carl Barat have made amends and started feeling friendly again.

They were recently spotted in the streets of Barcelona playing and singing old Libertines songs. We'll see if the pair can keep their s--- together long enough to make something great happen. In the meantime, enjoy this video for 'Don't Look Back Into the Sun.'