Moby has never been one to keep his political opinions to himself, so it's no surprise he decided to weigh in on the presidential campaign now that Mitt Romney has selected Rep. Paul Ryan as his running mate. "Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney, and the Republican Party of 2012 worry and frighten me," the accomplished DJ wrote yesterday in a blog post on his website (news tip via Spinner).

Calling his post "a relatively brief essay" — perhaps a sarcastic title since his piece was actually rather long — the musician and liberal activist laid out the case for why he opposes the Republican ticket. First, he listed a clean environment, women's rights, fair taxation and sensible gun control legislation as issues on which he sides with Democrats.

Turning to the other party, he wrote, "Not to indulge in hyperbole, but empirically speaking: A Romney  / Ryan / Republican United States would contain: Less educated people. Sicker people. People who live shorter lives. Water that is unsafe to drink. Higher crime rates. Air that is unsafe to breathe. Closed national parks. Closed museums. Closed public schools. More people dying of treatable illness."

He added, "I do not think that the United States as a whole benefits by giving huge tax breaks to millionaires. Nor do I think that the United States benefits by giving hundreds of billions of dollars of indirect and direct subsidies to oil companies and defense companies."

Moby concluded, "I hope you join with me in November in voting for Democrats on the state, local, and federal level. Democrats are far from perfect, but, as we've seen, they're a million times better than any Republican alternative."

Moby's latest contribution to the music world was an album called 'Destroyed,' which charted in early 2011 along with a photography book of the same name.