You may remember when Animal Collective member Panda Bear surprised fans by releasing an EP called 'Mr. Noah' back in October -- this came as a precursor to his upcoming album, 'Panda Bear Meets the Grim Reaper.' And now, a few lucky fans -- 2600, to be exact -- will have the opportunity to buy a special deluxe triple-LP version of that new album on vinyl.

The new record will take up two of those discs, and the 'Mr. Noah' EP will be the third. Panda Bear is also releasing this deluxe edition on CD -- 2500 copies -- presumably for people to buy as gifts for their grandparents, since no one under 50 still listens to CDs, though we'd have to admit that your grandparents are pretty cool if they listen to Panda Bear.

It's important to note that the regular release of 'Panda Bear Meets the Grim Reaper' will not include the EP, making this a very special edition of the album.

The deluxe set might be difficult to track down, as its release is limited to indie music stores across the country (but it should be on shelves before the regular release is!). You might find one here, but we can't really make any promises. And in case you're not hip to this whole Panda Bear thing, or if you're a fan and want to hear it again, here's the music video for 'Mr. Noah':