Julian Casablancas and the Voidz pulled a fakeout worthy of Milli Vanilli when they covered the duo’s infamous 1989 hit, “Girl You Know It’s True,” and convinced some fans in attendance the song was a brand-new Voidz original.

It all went down during the Voidz’s set at Beach Goth 4 in Santa Ana, Calif., yesterday (Oct. 25). Casablancas introduced the cover as a new song, and per the fan-shot footage that has surfaced, some festivalgoers took the Strokes frontman at his word. At least we can be pretty sure that’s actually Casablancas singing in the clips below:

The annual Beach Goth festival is hosted by the Growlers, and Casablancas joined the headliners during their set for a cover of the Doors’ “People Are Strange.” Watch below:

The Voidz dropped their debut, Tyranny, last year. By the sounds of it, Casablancas is now focusing on new music with his main gig. During the Strokes’ set at D.C.’s Landmark Festival in September, the frontman said, “We’ll be back soon. We’ll be back in the studio and s---.” The Strokes last released Comedown Machine in 2013.

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