We happen to know that 'Chasing Pavements' will be featured on the Season 4 kickoff of 'Glee' -- because, well, it's been announced that the tune will be the first performed on the hit Fox dramedy when it returns to the air on Sept. 13 -- but that's certainly not an Adele jam that's booming from our computer speakers during the new commercial for the show. So, what is the tune?

Not so fast! First, let's go over the numerous reasons you should check out 'Glee' this season: like that New Directions won nationals last year, but many of their key performers have graduated and moved on. But it's not like they've moved on from the show -- they've moved on to a performing arts school in New York City to start a new chapter in the 'Glee' story.

It's there that Rachel (Lea Michele, duh!) is dealing with the realization that she's a little fish in a big pond, which she's quickly reminded of by her new teacher Cassandra July (yes, that's Kate Hudson). "I bet you were a big star in Iowa," says Cassandra in the clip. "Actually, I'm from Ohio," Rachel replies, already flustered. "Ohio! Even worse," shoots back Cassandra. Like, ouch!

OK, so about that song. There's a good chance you recognize it, because it's 'It's Time' by Imagine Dragons, a serious contender in our hearts for the summer jam of 2012. It peaked at No. 2 on the Alternative Songs tally, if you doubt our taste. Now we wouldn't be surprised if the 'Glee' crew also turn in a version of 'It's Time' on the season premiere, but until then be sure to check the tune out over and over again. Because if it wasn't a part of your summer, your summer was certainly missing out. Like, seriously.

Hear 'It's Time' by Imagine Dragons Featured in the New 'Glee' Season 4 Commercial