Our resident absurdity guru Father John Misty has returned with a series of so-called rejected Pandora promos.

The sarcastic singer behind the moniker, Josh Tillman, is either having a laugh at the expense of the modern music industry or he hasn’t quite gotten a grasp on the art of music-streaming marketing. (Let’s be honest, it’s most certainly the former.) He has uploaded seven of the hilarious clips to his SoundCloud, and they alternate between Tillman delivering his message to listeners with a booming movie-trailer voiceover or with a chuckle and elevator-music backdrop.

In one spot, Tillman laments when “radio used to be on the radio,” but “now it’s on the internet -- only from Pandora.” In another, he admits Pandora promises “11 million impressions across their platform in return for not much.”

“Hello fans, this is Father John Misty,” Tillman says in another ad. “Whether you’re snorting rails of Tide off priceless Matisse cutouts or stuck at home because of your dismal Uber rating, my customized mixtape is guaranteed to be 100% Ed Sheeran. That’s Ed Sheeran all the time on Father John Misty radio.”

Listen to all of the goofy promos below:

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