In the week leading up to the release of their debut album, ‘Night Visions’ (out on Sept. 4), Imagine Dragons are writing a daily guest blog exclusively for Check out today’s installment from bassist Ben McKee — a glimpse at life as they prepare to hit the road for their fall tour, with an in-the-studio snapshot, seen above — and be sure to come back for the next post from the band tomorrow.

We’ve been hard at work since we got out of the studio getting our live show together with all of the new music from the album. We’ve been spending many hours in our rehearsal space in downtown L.A. The air conditioner won’t stay on while we’re using all of our musical gear, so we’ve been rehearsing late at night to beat the heat. We’re pretty much nocturnal anyways.

We’re really stoked to be getting back on the road with some new music. We’re especially looking forward to our sold out show in Vegas. It’s really going to be great to get to play our new songs for all of the people that have been listening to us since we were playing the lounges of all the casinos on the strip. Las Vegas is where we started, and it’s always good to come home.