In the middle of working on the follow-up to their massively successful debut, 'Night Visions,' the Las Vegas-based Imagine Dragons unleashed a brand-new song yesterday (Sept. 17). Teaming up with their favorite video game, League of Legends, Imagine Dragons created 'Warriors,' an anthem sorts for the League of Legends World Championship. You can hear -- and watch the companion animated music video -- above.

'Warriors' is a grandiose track, featuring hard-hitting pianos, symphonic orchestral arrangements and powerful vocals throughout. While it was created specifically for League of Legends, the song could easily become of the biggest 'let's get pumped up' jams of the year. Football players across the states will be chanting, "We are the warriors that built this town" in no time.

If you like what you hear from the video, League of Legends and Riot Games are giving away the song for free! You can download the track, no questions asked, here.

Imagine Dragons released 'Battle Cry' earlier this year for the movie 'Transformers: Age of Extinction,' but haven't unveiled any details regarding the release date of their second full-length studio LP. Stay tuned for more.