Ah, Faith No More. We've missed these fellows, and we're happy about the upcoming new album, Sol Invictus, along with the new songs we've heard so far. In that spirit, we figured we'd take a trip down memory lane and throw it back to the time they performed "Midlife Crisis" from Angel Dust on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno in 1993.

Angel Dust marks the point at which many Faith No More fans split. It's the last album to feature bearded legend Jim Martin -- also known as Sir James Martin -- head of the Faith No More Spiritual and Theological Center ...

At least Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey would have us believe this:

Fans everywhere would rejoice (at least the Jim Martin fans, anyway) if Martin rejoined Faith No More and actually created his own religious outfit. In the meantime, current guitarist Jon Hudson, who's been with the band since 1996, is no slouch.

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