Today's mystery yearbook subject shouldn't be all that hard to figure out. He still looks the same, right down to the haircut, smile and clean-cut image, even though he leads one of the biggest indie-rock bands of the past 10 years.

He was born in Nevada, and his band originated in Sin City itself, forming in Las Vegas in 2001. Their debut album came out in 2004 and eventually sold three million copies -- quite an accomplishment these days when bands struggle to sell even a fraction of that. The LP reached the Top 10 and spawned four singles, two of which climbed to the Top 3 on the modern-rock chart.

Since then, the band has released three more albums, and they've all placed in the Top 10. In 2010, our mystery boy put out his first solo record, which also made it to the Top 10. Like on his group's records, it features a mix of '80s synth-pop and Springsteen-style classic rock. The dude loves big riffs, Jesus and sporting a mohawk from time to time.

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