Who's the smirking boy with the high bangs and bow tie? When he became famous, he lost the bangs and tie, but he kept the smirk and added some tats. Lots of tats.

Our mystery boy was born in Maryland with a twin brother. They got along so great, the pair formed a band together in the mid '90s that reflected their love of pop-powered punk songs. Lucky for them, the nation was just warming up to the new genre, and the group that our mystery boy led (at least we think it's him; maybe it's his brother ... ) became stars. But not immediately. Their debut album didn't make much noise, but their second LP debuted in the Top 10 and spawned five singles, one of them climbing into the Top 20.

The band has released three more albums over the past decade; two of them debuted in the Top 10. They updated their music a bit to include some dance grooves -- maybe to accommodate our mystery kid's girlfriends, reality-TV stars who enjoyed the high life. Two of their five albums have gone platinum. His band hasn't released a record in three years, so he's kept busy taking part in amateur MMA and boxing bouts.

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