Who's that upstanding young lady with the trendy '80s haircut, classy jewelry and winning smile? Would you believe her potty-mouthed debut album is one of indie rock's all-time best?

She grew up relatively well-to-do near Chicago and majored in art history at Oberlin College. She tried to make a living as an artist for a short time after school, but when that didn't work out, she started recording songs on cassette. She eventually sent a tape to one of the most respected indie labels on the planet, and they put up a little cash for her to record an album.

That album became a cornerstone of '90s indie rock. She claimed that her LP was an answer record to one of the best albums ever released, which fueled the buzz among music fans. The DIY sound fit her highly personal songs, including one that celebrated her oral sex skills. Some of her indie cool wore off after she released a pop album in the early '00s, but for most of the '90s, she was indie rock's reigning queen.

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