Do you know who the kid is in the above photo? Don't let the suit and tie fool you -- dude doesn't play by the Man's rule these days.

He was born in Harlem, raised in Illinois and earned a degree from Harvard. He also learned how to play some mighty mean guitar along the way. After college, he formed one of rock's most revolutionary bands of the '90s with a singer who shared his interest in leftist politics. The band's short string of albums are among the most politically charged records of the past 20 years.

After that group broke up, he joined some of his bandmates in another act that included a singer from another legendary '90s combo. This band was a bit more generic in its hard-rock crunch, but his mind-melting guitar skills continued to impress.

He's spent the past few years playing a folk troubadour, mostly writing and playing songs (many of them on acoustic guitar) about social injustice. He's become one of the most outspoken voices for political change of the past decade. And he can still whip out some of the greatest guitar leads you'll ever hear.

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