Big smile. Suit jacket. Tie? You're never gonna believe who today's mystery kid is. He seems like such a nice young boy in the above yearbook photo. Within a few years, he'll be dropping f-bombs all over the place and taking on The Man.

He was born in California, where he started his first punk group with one of his future bandmates while still in junior high school. A few years later, he started getting into hip-hop. By the time he graduated, he was combining both of his musical loves in a new band he helped start with some like-minded kids he met at the local clubs.

The group settled on their name in the early '90s, and by 1992 their debut album was released. It combined punk, hip-hop, hardcore and a revolutionary guitar sound that perfectly reflected the songs sung by our mystery subject, whose left-leaning political opinions dominated their music. The band released three albums of original material in the '90s; two of them reached No. 1. After putting out an album of cover songs in 2000, he quit the band, which has since reunited for a few tours. He's spent the past decade collaborating with poets and other politically minded artists on various projects.

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