According to a Tweet by Julian Casablancas, Jake Bercovici of the Voidz, while bored during a power outage, put together a short trailer for a fake movie titled Supermind God Rupture that depicts the band as the central characters.

The clip, which was made entirely on iMovie, introduces each member of the band in typical kung-fu movie fashion, with a quick action tag stretched across the screen during the cameos. Bercovici nicknames himself as director Blazed Guaranteed, so it's not hard to pinpoint some additional influences that might have been at play here. With the clip lasting a mere minute and four seconds, it's clear that it did not take nearly as long to create as their lengthy "Human Sadness" music video.

There seems to be no indication of any meaning to this video as far as a new album or anything like that. However, the band did recently announce a fall tour with Craft Spells that will kick off on Sept. 8 at Pappy + Harriet’s in Pioneertown, California.